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Japanese Tea Set

Beautiful mahogany wood tea set with four cups and four plates. Beeswax finished. Mahogany trees are grown around Rubber plantations to protect the young rubber trees, and they are harvested around 10 to 15 years. The timber of these trees is used to make these beautiful products. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.

Portable car park set

This is a station model with 4 cars, a petrol station. All in a box! A great play set for boys and girls, on the move, or during camping! Made of plantation timber using non toxic materials, from QToys brand.

Wooden Blender

This life like wooden blender comes with 2 fruits ready for a little kitchen play. The toy features good size ( similar to real life size) well made and beautiful look. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber using non toxic materials.