3D sorting and nesting board

inspired from Montessori pink tower, this sorting, nesting and stacking board is an all in one shape , size and color learning toys for toddlers. The toy features beautiful bright gradient colors,sturdy good size box for little hands. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber, using non toxic, child safe materials

Wooden Rain Maker

This toy offers a fun way for young people to explore the concept of gravity. Turn the tower upside down

Natural Capital Letter Puzzle

Stunning letter puzzle in a natural tone. The simplicity has not only reveal the beauty of the timber but also make it less distract to the child . All Qtoys products are made out of the plantation timber using non toxic child safe materials.

2 Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50

Beautiful natural wooden balls set of 50. These balls are great as counters or accessory for our counting boards or counting trays. All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber using non- toxic child safe materials. This product is recommended for children ages 3+

Montessori Leaf Puzzle

Leaf puzzle encouraging fine motor and hand-eye coordination while connecting with nature. Knobs on each puzzle piece perfect for little hands. All materials used child-safe and non-toxic, made by plantation timber.

Wooden Balls Set of 50

Beautifully finished wooden balls set of 50. These balls are great as counters or accessory for our counting boards or counting trays. All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber using non- toxic child safe materials. Our wooden balls are the perfect addition to counting, colour sorting and loose parts play. ***Colours may vary to images

Large Wooden Scoop

Large Wooden Scoop – We must teach our children to smell the earth, to taste the rain, to touch the wind, to see things grow, to hear the sun rise and night fall – to care. ~ John Cleal Nature is one of the best learning environment for young children. Our wooden Scoop is perfect for open ended play. It is also a great addition for sand play, water play or stacking and counting activities.  Made from timber, finished with plan based oil, it will last for years to come. We at Qtoys understand the importance of open ended play in developing children’s creativity and curious minds. Therefore, we offer a wide range of open ended items. Most of  our open ended toys promotes the beauty of natural resources in an eco mindful way.

Natural Lowercase puzzle

Natural coloured puzzle for children to develop fine motor skills while learning their alphabet. Puzzles are great for encouraging children to develop sorting skills, fine motor, problem solving skills and categorizing during play.

Coconut Water Scoop

Coconut Water Scoop perfect for role play and exploring water. Made from a real coconut shell and handcrafted in Vietnam.


2 Tone Number Set

Our two-tone number set includes numbers from 0-9 to enhance those early math skills. The set includes 20 numbers. This is a great way to introduce children to numbers. As children explore these numbers they can learn to identify as well as count the numbers thus promoting their numeracy development.

2 Tone Stacking and Nesting Bowls

Our 2 tone nesting and stacking bowls are multifunctional. This is a very exciting set as you can not only use them as bowls for sorting experiences, but they can also be stacked in two different ways. They can be stacked one on top of the other to build a tower or they can be nested one inside the other. These bowls can also be used for colour matching activities along with sorting experiences. Children can engage in these activities which promotes colour recognition as well as develops their literacy and numeracy skills. As children try to stack the bowls one on top of other, they are also promoting their cognitive skills. The opportunities with these bowls are endless. All Qtoys products are made from plantation wood and non-toxic chemicals. Approx dimensions: 15x15x5cms. Weight: 0.4kgs. *Wooden balls not included.

2 tone zig zag racing cars

This two tone zig zag racing car set includes 3 cars with the zig zag racetrack. It is a fun and interactive experience for children through which they can learn about cause and effect. Moving objects are always attractive to young children. This zig zag racing car set is perfect for those curious minds.

3 D Geo Shape Learning kit

Our geometric shapes help children understand the concept of 3D Shapes and together with the flash cards this is a great way to introduce them. This set of 6 geometric shapes offer hands on learning and the opportunity for children to explore touch and feel to identify relationships between shapes. Includes 30 prompt cards and 6 shapes.

3 D Waterfall Play Set

This 3D Waterfall play set is a unique set for imaginative play . This set includes the waterfall, the mountain,the river and the shrubs. This set is compatible with our wooden bridge, cottage house set or wooden trees. This is an ideal set for all those imaginary thinkers. It makes a great addition to your childrens pretend play experiences.

9 Pole Puzzle

9 Pole Puzzle: this nine pole puzzle  is among Qtoys beautiful Baby Deluxe range. The puzzle comprises nine poles with different height housed in a thick base. This  toy is  great for hand eye coordination and motor skills development. This simple puzzle is an ideal learning resource for young ones to learn through play.  Children explore, enquire discover and make sense of the world around them through play. Play not only allows children to improvise and imagine but also connects children with social and physical environments. Qtoys  Baby Deluxe range have been designed to be welcoming, playful, safe, and interactive resources. These early learning toys  support the core development of sight, sound, touch, gross and fine motor skills of babies and toddlers. Moreover, our deluxe range is Chemical free. Each toy reveals the stunning look of the timber with  premium craftsmanship. This toy has passed the international standards of toy safety ( ISO8124 part 1). Please follow this link to view a full certificate Aged 18+ months. Please check out other similar products

Adults Wooden Utensil Set

These utensils are unique and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional spoons made of plastic or metal. They are a sustainable material choice for utensils.

Adventure Ship

AHOY! The newest ship to join our range, the Adventure ship! Ready for adventures and imaginative play! Measuring 40 x 35 x 12 cm Approx. Please note mice accessories are not included, please refer to product image.

All In One Car Play Set

Our car play set is part of our new design. This set includes 9 vehicles, 3 roads, 4 blocks, 3 traffic signs and a reusable wooden box to store and play. This car play set can offer many benefits for children, including:
  1. Imagination and Creativity: Car play sets encourage children to use their imagination and creativity as they play and create different scenarios and stories.
  2. Fine Motor Skills: Handling and manipulating small toys like cars can help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  3. Problem Solving: Children can learn problem-solving skills as they navigate and create obstacles for their cars.
  4. Social and Communication Skills: Car play sets can provide opportunities for children to play and interact with others, helping them develop social and communication skills.
  5. Cognitive Development: As children play with car sets, they are also developing their cognitive skills, such as spatial awareness and reasoning.
  6. Emotional Development: Car play sets can provide an outlet for children to express their emotions and feelings as they play and create their own stories.
    Approx dimensions of product: L36xW25xH10cms. Weight: 2.8kgs.
    Recommended age: 2+
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