This item has been constructed using plantation timbers and may show some natural blemishes in its wood patterns.

Acacia wood is a hard wood with beautiful blended patterns. Our Acacia furniture is slightly stained and oiled to reveal the natural beauty of the wood patterns

Recycled tree branches are used in some items to create natural look furniture. These branches are heat dried, and treated and coated with timber stain and oils.

Rubber wood offers a solid timber look with even, light color. Our Rubber wood furniture is either painted in different  colors or  lacquered or oiled using a mixture of natural oil ( Linseed oil) and beeswax.


To maintain the appearance, furniture should be oiled using natural oils such as raw Linseed oil or beeswax on regular basis. (This will depend on where the furniture is located and the weather. However it is an average of every 6 months).

This timber is naturally affected by the elements over time. Temperature and humidity affects the natural expansion and contraction of the timber. To lengthen the product life, avoid exposing the item to excessive heat and a high or low humidity environment. For best results, we recommend to keep under cover and out of direct sun and rain.

To clean, remove dust with a dry, lint free, soft cloth and then use a lightly moist cloth.


we use food colors to dye our wooden toys. Therefore, it is natural to see some tint of colors on the first few clean or washes.

Some of our toys may have strong smell when it is just open. This is because the toys are packed once it was just oiled and the ordour is retained in the package. This ordour, however, will vanish after a few days.

To clean, remove dust with a dry, lint free, soft cloth and then use a lightly moist cloth.

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