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Bamboo Building Set with Houses

This bamboo building set includes 40 pieces of bamboo in different sizes and 2 houses made of acacia wood. This set can be used for a variety of learning purposes such as counting, sorting according to size, sand play and also for construction. This is the perfect multi-purpose building set where children can not only explore their imagination but also promote their growth and development. This set comes in an environment-friendly bag for easy storage and pack up.

Coco Counter Jar

The Coco Counter Jar set is a great educational tool for teaching math skills. It provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn and practice counting, while the counters allow for hands-on learning. This set includes 100 counters.

Coco Flower bowls set of 3

This  set includes 3 sizes of coconut bowls with a beautiful flower design. Small Bowl: 11x11x6 cm Medium Bowl: 13x13x6 cm Large Bowl: 15x15x8 cm

Coconut heart Tray

This stunning eco-friendly coconut heart tray is made from recycled coconut shells. It will make a beautiful addition to your home. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly tray, then this tray is the perfect pick. You can either use it as a serving tray or you can use it as a trinket dish to hold your jewelry or any other items you might like. You could also use it to hold loose parts for threading or lacing experiences, or it can also be added to your childs home corner experience for imaginative play. It comes as a single one or in a set of 5.

CVC Dual Boards

Wooden CVC Word Boards includes two wooden boards ,21 consonants and 5 vowels, and 2 each of C and D.
These simple but beautiful Wooden boards are designed to help children learn how to blend and segment letters to create CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words in a fun and inviting way. All Qtoys products are made from plantation wood and non-toxic materials. Please note: this set does not have letter X and Z

Delicious Apple Puzzle

This raised puzzle in the apple shaped tray features bright rainbow colours and chunky pieces. The puzzle is not only great for hand-eye coordination and motor skills but also can be used as a simple building set. All Qtoys is made of plantation timber, using non-toxic materials.

First Birthday Set

The perfect gift set for a First Birthday. This set is made up of our Montesorri inspired toys. Includes: Horizontal Hanger, 3 Pole Puzzle3 shape puzzle, Shape Sorter, Stacker and set of 4 wooden blocks. This toy has passed the international standards of toy safety ( ISO8124 part 1). Please follow this link to view a full certificate

Four leaf Clover trays

Beautiful 4 connected trays in a shape of four leaf clover. The tray can be detched and used seperately or connected as a puzzle. This tray is great for sorting and sensory play or can be used for feeding. The trays are made of Acacia wood finished with beeswax.

Fruit Knob Puzzle

Introducing our new fruit puzzle made of rubber wood. It consists of 8 pieces of fruit with a little knob perfect for little ones to grasp. Children can be encouraged to fix the pieces of puzzle which promotes their fine motor skills. They can also learn to identify the different fruit pieces along with their colours thus promoting their literacy skills and colour recognition.

Montessori Discs Post Box

Take early childhood education to the next level with our Montessori disc post box which includes coconut shell discs. This beautifully handcrafted post box is made from premium quality materials, including sustainable coconut shells, and is inspired by Montessori educational philosophy.

Montessori Leaf Puzzle

Leaf puzzle encouraging fine motor and hand-eye coordination while connecting with nature. Knobs on each puzzle piece perfect for little hands. All materials used child-safe and non-toxic, made by plantation timber.This ‘Montessori leaf puzzle’ is made from plantation timber. It consists of 8 pieces of different leaves. The knobs on each piece are perfect for little hands as it encourages fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Montessori Sorting Tray

Looking for a tray that can be used in different settings? Our Montessori sorting tray is the perfect pick! It is a multi-purpose tray that can be used in a variety of ways for sensory experiences to counting activities as well to keep your children busy.

Natural Capital Letter Puzzle

Our natural capital letter puzzle is a great way to introduce children to the letters of the alphabet. As children explore these letters, they will begin to identify the letters of the alphabet which are beneficial for literacy and language development. Children can learn to write and form words by using these letters. Learning letters is extremely beneficial for children as letters form words and sentences and this is how we communicate with one another. Therefore, it is important to give children the opportunity to learn and recognize letters. Children can also attempt to fix the letters in the right spot thus promoting the use of their fine motor skills.

Natural Number Puzzle

Our stunning number puzzle in a natural tone is the perfect introduction to numbers. As children explore the numbers, they will begin to identify the numbers which are beneficial for numeracy development.

Number jigsaw and counting set

Our number jigsaw and counting set bundle includes a set of 50wooden balls, the number jigsaw puzzle and our writing and counting trays from 0-9. This educational learning set is ideal to not only boost your child’s numeracy skills but also to learn simple mathematics.

Pea Pod Tray

Looking for a tray that can be used in different settings? This is the perfect pick! From using it as a serving tray to entertain guests or simply just use it to set up an activity for your child. This tray serves both purposes and is the perfect choice.

Rainbow Bamboo sorting tubes set of 6

Bamboo toys are among the best toys for kids nowadays. It is a natural and eco-friendly material. It is also light, strong and very resistant. These ‘rainbow bamboo sorting tubes’ come in 6 different colours. They are great accessories to hold your loose parts.  They are also ideal for all your sorting activities. They can be used for various sorting activities which can encourage cognitive thinking and promote fine motor development.

Round Puzzle trays

Beautiful 4 connected round trays. The tray can be detached and used separately or connected as a puzzle. This tray is great for sorting and sensory play or can be used for feeding. The trays are made of Acacia wood finished with beeswax.

Sorting Cottage & Play House

This particular multifunctional playhouse is not just a playhouse, but it is also a sorting cottage. Children can use this playhouse for their pretend play experiences. It also contains 4 slots at the top of the house which are in different shapes. It comes with 8 little people which are in different shapes and colors which children can work out what shape goes where

Sorting Ring Toss

A fun childhood game to encourage learning through play. The Sorting ring toss features 6 rainbow colours and matching rings (2 of each colour). Promoting gross motor skills and colour recognition. The tower measures 37cm high

Tree Animal Matching Set 20 PCS

Our tree animal matching set consists of 20 pieces. As seen in the pictures each piece has a picture of an animal on it. This set can not only be used as a matching set but can also be set up with the sticks in the holes for a fine motor activity. Once the sticks are fixed in the holes children can put each piece through the sticks.

Twisting Disk

Our beautiful wooden twisting disk is the perfect addition to your playroom. Children can explore fine motor skills while problem solving how to fit each piece. This can also be used to help with colour recognition and language development.

Two Tone Wooden Gems

These finely sanded two tone wooden gems are a great open-ended resource for providing endless hours of fun. With different shapes and sizes, they are ideal for stacking as well as balancing activities. This set of blocks promotes hand eye coordination, fine motor development, and are also great for open ended play where children can explore their imagination through construction. Additionally, they are chemical free which makes them child friendly. All of these blocks come in a cotton bag for easy storage.

Wooden Balls Set of 50

These beautifully finished wooden balls set of 50 are great accessories for our counting boards or counting trays. The wooden balls are the perfect addition to counting, colour sorting or loose part play. All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber using non- toxic child safe materials. *Does not include wooden leaf trays. Only includes wooden balls.