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2 Tone Number Set

Our two-tone number set includes numbers from 0-9 to enhance those early math skills. The set includes 20 numbers. This is a great way to introduce children to numbers. As children explore these numbers they can learn to identify as well as count the numbers thus promoting their numeracy development.

2 tone zig zag racing cars

This two tone zig zag racing car set includes 3 cars with the zig zag racetrack. It is a fun and interactive experience for children through which they can learn about cause and effect. Moving objects are always attractive to young children. This zig zag racing car set is perfect for those curious minds.

3 Shape Puzzle

Introducing your little one as young as 18 months to their first shape puzzle. This simple puzzle includes a triangle, circle, and square to encourage your child’s hand eye coordination, sorting skills, and fine motor skills. Measuring 20cmx8cm

3D sorting and nesting board

Inspired from Montessori, this sorting, nesting and stacking board is an all in one learning toys for toddlers. The toy features beautiful bright colors and a sturdy good size box for little hands. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber, using non toxic, child safe materials.


This toy includes a sturdy house with four chunky balls. Children will love watching the balls roll through the house! This is also a great eye tracking toy for toddlers. The item is made from child-safe and non-toxic materials.

Car Puzzle & Play Set

The QToys Puzzle Play Sets are designed for children to explore their discovery skills, logical reasoning and hand eye coordination. Handcrafted with beautiful vibrant non toxic food grade coloring and made using Australian Timber. Puzzles are a great play experience stimulating children’s brain growth and intelligence development. Dimensions: 38x38x3cm

Cat play set & colouring

This beautiful cat colouring and play set comes boxed in the storage tray. Children can use the cats to explore imaginative play and they can also use the cards to colour on them using textas. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber using non toxic materials.

Circle Puzzle

The circle puzzle is designed for ages 12 months+. By keeping the circle puzzle constant of shape this allows children to concentrate on which size circle matches which hole. Measuring 20cmx8cm

Coco Counter Jar

The Coco Counter Jar set is a great educational tool for teaching math skills. It provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn and practice counting, while the counters allow for hands-on learning. This set includes 100 counters.

Counting Finger Puzzle

The counting finger puzzle is an engaging and interactive puzzle that can contribute to a child’s educational development. It offers a hands-on approach to learning counting and number recognition skills, while also introducing the names of each finger through interactive play.

Delicious Apple Puzzle

This raised puzzle in the apple shaped tray features bright rainbow colours and chunky pieces. The puzzle is not only great for hand-eye coordination and motor skills but also can be used as a simple building set. All Qtoys is made of plantation timber, using non-toxic materials.

Dinosaur Hatching Puzzle

Dinosaur Hatching Puzzle will entertain children and stimulate their talent when connecting the puzzle’s parts and discovering small dinosaurs underneath Children will be engaging their fine motor muscles and dexterity to complete this puzzle All Qtoys are made of plantation timber, using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Product Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 4cm  Box Dimensions: 32cm x 32cm x 6cm  Weight: 1 kg

Earth Core Puzzle

Our Beautiful Earth Core puzzle is layered with the core of the earth perfect for little hands with chunky pieces.
All Qtoys are made of plantation timber using non toxic materials. Product Measurements: 45cm x 33cm x 4cm Box dimensions: 47cm x 35 cm x 5 cm Weight: 3 kg

Fruit Knob Puzzle

Introducing our new fruit puzzle made of rubber wood. It consists of 8 pieces of fruit with a little knob perfect for little ones to grasp. Children can be encouraged to fix the pieces of puzzle which promotes their fine motor skills. They can also learn to identify the different fruit pieces along with their colours thus promoting their literacy skills and colour recognition.

Human Evolution Puzzle & Lacing Set

Human evolution is the process by which people originated from primates. This puzzle demonstrates the evolutionary process through which people originated from apelike ancestors. This puzzle includes 4 pieces of the evolutionary process namely Australopithecus, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal man and Modern Man which the children can lace together using a string to match each piece onto the board. Children can use the string to put it through each wooden piece which encourages the use of children’s fine motor skills and also promotes hand-eye coordination. Stringing the animals also helps the children to stay focused which in turn helps build their attention span. Children can also learn to identify the different stages of evolution which promotes language development. This set is therefore an exceptional learning resource not only for promoting fine motor skills but also giving children a basic introduction on human evolution. Approx dimensions of product: cms. Weight: Recommended age: 3+

Leaf Circle Of Life Puzzle

This ‘leaf circle of life’ puzzle is perfect for teaching children about the different seasons. The leaves of the puzzle consist of different colours of the leaves as they change through each season. This puzzle promotes the development of children’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as children attempt to fix the pieces of the puzzle together. Learn the life cycle of a leaf through this fun and exciting puzzle.

Mini Rainmaker

This wooden rainmaker is a musical instrument that imitates the sound of rainfall. The rainmaker is held vertically and gently tilted back and forth, causing the objects inside to fall through the tube and create a sound that resembles the patter of raindrops. This is the perfect toy for those curious thinkers!

Montessori Leaf Puzzle

Leaf puzzle encouraging fine motor and hand-eye coordination while connecting with nature. Knobs on each puzzle piece perfect for little hands. All materials used child-safe and non-toxic, made by plantation timber.This ‘Montessori leaf puzzle’ is made from plantation timber. It consists of 8 pieces of different leaves. The knobs on each piece are perfect for little hands as it encourages fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Natural Counting Set

This bundle is perfect for introducing children to counting and numbers. Included in the bundle is our 2-tone number set and along with 50 wooden balls. The number set includes 20 numbers. This is a great way to introduce children to numbers to promote their numeracy skills.

Number Bundle

Our number bundle includes the natural tone puzzle set and also includes additional wooden numbers from 0-9. The set includes 20 numbers. This is a great learning tool to encourage your children to learn to count as well as recognize numbers thus developing their numeracy skills.

Number jigsaw and counting set

Our number jigsaw and counting set bundle includes a set of 50wooden balls, the number jigsaw puzzle and our writing and counting trays from 0-9. This educational learning set is ideal to not only boost your child’s numeracy skills but also to learn simple mathematics.

Ocean scene puzzle and play set

Our puzzles at Qtoys are made of natural wood. This beautiful puzzle is made with premium Australian timber and nontoxic food grade coloring.  It is a natural and eco-friendly material which is safe and durable. Completing puzzles takes some time and patience. Practicing patience is one of the best benefits children gain through completing puzzles.

Picture Word Board

Our picture word board set includes 10 word boards with the pictures and matching letters to form the words.  9 of the word boards have an image printed on it encouraging your child to spell the word and recognize the letters. One of our word boards also comes blank with 3 spaces to add your own image and allow children to spell out their own words

Pound A Ball Tower

This pound a ball consists of a set of colorful balls that can be pounded from the top of the tower, and then they roll down through a series of curved tracks. It’s designed to help young children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as provide a fun sensory experience. It also teaches children about cause and effect.