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2 Tone Number Set

Our two-tone number set includes numbers from 0-9 to enhance those early math skills. The set includes 20 numbers. This is a great way to introduce children to numbers. As children explore these numbers they can learn to identify as well as count the numbers thus promoting their numeracy development.

2 Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50

These beautifully finished wooden balls set of 50 are great accessories for our counting boards or counting trays. The wooden balls are the perfect addition to counting or loose parts play. All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber using non- toxic child safe materials.

2 tone zig zag racing cars

This two tone zig zag racing car set includes 3 cars with the zig zag racetrack. It is a fun and interactive experience for children through which they can learn about cause and effect. Moving objects are always attractive to young children. This zig zag racing car set is perfect for those curious minds.

3 D Waterfall Play Set

This 3D Waterfall play set is a unique set for imaginative play . This set includes the waterfall, the mountain,the river and the shrubs. This set is compatible with our wooden bridge, cottage house set or wooden trees. This is an ideal set for all those imaginary thinkers. It makes a great addition to your childrens pretend play experiences.

3 Shape Puzzle

Introducing your little one as young as 18 months to their first shape puzzle. This simple puzzle includes a triangle, circle, and square to encourage your child’s hand eye coordination, sorting skills, and fine motor skills. Measuring 20cmx8cm

4 in 1 table Easel

Our table easel has 4 functions. It contains a white board and a chalkboard which is also a magnetic board. And last the acrylic insert for which you can use water-based paints on. This table easel is made from Australian timber. This easel therefore gives you plenty of options for your children to express themselves creatively in different ways from using paints to chalk or even magnets.

48 mm Wooden Balls set of 6

The set of 6 48 mm wooden balls is a great addition to any loose parts play collection. Loose parts play is an open-ended, child-led form of play that allows children to explore and create using a variety of materials.

9 Pole Puzzle

Once your child has mastered removing an object and placing it back you can move onto our Pole Puzzle which offers size perception, promotes concentration and encourages independence. Measures 140x140mm base

Adults Wooden Utensil Set

These utensils are unique and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional spoons made of plastic or metal. They are a sustainable material choice for utensils.

All In One Car Play Set

Our car play set is part of our new design. This set includes 9 vehicles, 3 roads, 4 blocks, 3 traffic signs and a reusable wooden box to store and play. This set is perfect for imaginative play.

Alphabet Threading Set

Wooden threading sets can be a fun and engaging way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while also introducing letter recognition and spelling. With 26 double-sided wooden alphabet pieces, this set includes each letter of the alphabet.


This toy includes a sturdy house with four chunky balls. Children will love watching the balls roll through the house! This is also a great eye tracking toy for toddlers. The item is made from child-safe and non-toxic materials.

Bamboo balancing set of 100

Balancing and encouraging hand eye coordination our Bamboo Balancing set of 100 is the perfect addition to your playroom. Open ended opportunities allowing children to explore and learn through play. Made from natural treated bamboo. Produced using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Weight: 1.2 kg.

Bamboo Building Set with Houses

This bamboo building set includes 40 pieces of bamboo in different sizes and 2 houses made of acacia wood. This set can be used for a variety of learning purposes such as counting, sorting according to size, sand play and also for construction. This is the perfect multi-purpose building set where children can not only explore their imagination but also promote their growth and development. This set comes in an environment-friendly bag for easy storage and pack up.

Bowling counter set of 50

The Bowling Counter Set of 50 is an educational toy that is designed to help children develop their numeracy and color recognition skills. The set includes 50 bowling counters in a rainbow of colors, which can be used in a variety of activities and games.

Candy Rattle

The wooden candy rattle suitable for ages 3months+  inspired by Montessori is perfect for little hands and offers a beautiful rattle sound. Measuring 9cm handle and 6cm circle 

Candy Rattle and Baby Mirror Set

This new set includes a wooden rattle and a mirror, all designed to provide your little one with endless hours of fun and stimulation. Our wooden toy rattle is the perfect toy for babies and toddlers. It is made from high-quality, natural wood and features a gentle rattling sound that is sure to delight your little one. The rattle also fits into the mirror making it like a puzzle for your child to fix together.

Capital Letter Tracing board

Our beautiful tracing board helps little ones learn how to write the letters of the alphabet. This board comes with a wooden stylus. This product is designed for toddlers to have fun by tracing the letters. This board can also be used with colored sand or playdough to make this learning experience more fun and exciting for children. The product is made of rubberwood, finished with natural child safe oils.

Capital Letter Spelling Tiles

Our beautiful spelling tile set is ideal for children’s literacy development. This product is designed for toddlers to have fun with writing and spelling. There are many ways that you can use this product with, from filling it with sand for writing or tracing the letters to prompting words for spelling. The board can also be as a filling board with color sands or play dough as a fun toy to learn the alphabet.

Car Puzzle & Play Set

The QToys Puzzle Play Sets are designed for children to explore their discovery skills, logical reasoning and hand eye coordination. Handcrafted with beautiful vibrant non toxic food grade coloring and made using Australian Timber. Puzzles are a great play experience stimulating children’s brain growth and intelligence development. Dimensions: 38x38x3cm

Cat play set & colouring

This beautiful cat colouring and play set comes boxed in the storage tray. Children can use the cats to explore imaginative play and they can also use the cards to colour on them using textas. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber using non toxic materials.

Check Pattern Coconut Bowl

Our check pattern coconut bowl is made of coconut shells. Coconut bowls are made by cleaning and polishing coconut shells to create a smooth surface. The bowls can be used to serve food or as decorative items.  They can also be added to your children’s home corner area for them to explore imaginative play.

Childrens Wooden Utensil Set

These utensils are unique and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional spoons made of plastic or metal. They are a sustainable material choice for utensils.

Circle Puzzle

The circle puzzle is designed for ages 12 months+. By keeping the circle puzzle constant of shape this allows children to concentrate on which size circle matches which hole. Measuring 20cmx8cm