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3 in 1 Learning Tower


Introducing our fantastic learning tower for kids, a must-have accessory to empower little helpers and encourage creativity through play. This versatile learning tower is designed to provide a safe and sturdy platform, allowing children to actively engage in household activities and foster their independence. Our tower also comes with a built-in whiteboard and it also includes a convenient clipboard, allowing children to secure sheets of paper and draw or write with ease. This learning tower can also be turned into a high chair (the highest level is the seat level) for feeding too.

Specifications and Recommendations

  • Material: Sturdy and durable construction
  • Features: Built-in whiteboard and clipboard

5 in 1 Painting Easel


Our amazing art easel comes with five interchangeable boards. These include a felt board, a chalk board, a white board, a magnetic board and a clip board. One side features a stationery box with a lid to keep all those treasured art supplies safe and the other side includes a paint pot holder. The height is suitable for kinder to early primary school children. It is made of acacia hardwood with a stained finish for strength and durability. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic. Let your child freely express their creative side with our 5 in 1 painting easel.




Acorn Tray


Introducing the QToys Acorn Tray – the versatile and charming addition to your daily routine! This exquisitely crafted tray seamlessly combines functionality with a touch of whimsy, making it the perfect companion for both meals and various activities to hold lose parts. Children can also use this plate to add to their home corner for imaginative play.

Adventure Ship

The Adventure Ship is a great toy for children who love imaginative play and adventure. The ship provides a platform for kids to create their own sea-faring stories and scenarios and encourages them to use their creativity and imagination.

Bamboo Fibre Cup with Handle – Natural


Bamboo Fibre 365 ml cup with handle. 10cm tall and 8.6cm wide. Made from Bamboo fibre which not only is strong and resilient is also made using environmentally sourced and sustainable bamboo. Measurements 8cm wide x 10cm high Ages 1+

Please note: Do not use in a microwave or oven

Bead counting abacus

Introduce your little ones to the fascinating world of numbers and early math skills with the QToys Bead Counting Abacus. This beautifully crafted educational toy is designed to engage and inspire young minds, making learning a joyful and hands-on experience. The abacus features a sturdy wooden frame that holds brightly colored beads, creating an inviting visual appeal for children. The beads slide effortlessly along the rods, providing a tactile and interactive way for kids to explore counting, addition and subtraction concepts which lead to numeracy development. The vibrant colors not only capture attention but also aid in differentiating between each colour.

Cargo Truck


Discover the charm of our Qtoys Vintage Style Handmade Cargo Truck, a standout in our collection of vintage-style handcrafted vehicles. This meticulously detailed truck captures the essence of classic design while ensuring modern durability. Crafted with precision, each truck is intricately detailed yet solid, built to withstand hours of hardy play. The timeless design makes it a beloved addition to any child’s toy collection.

Product Dimensions: 55cm x 16cm x 15cm

Box Dimensions: 55cm x 15cm x 22cm

Weight: 3 kg

Classic Wooden Dollhouse


Looking for a doll house that can spark your child’s imagination? Our 3-story classic wooden doll house is the perfect choice. Imagination plays a crucial role in children’s early learning. It opens the door for children to explore the world around them. This house is one of our favorites for imaginative play. Boys and girls absolutely love imaginative play.

Colour Zig Zag Racing Car

This colour zig zag racing car set includes 3 cars with the zig zag racetrack. It is a fun and interactive experience for children through which they can learn colours as well as cause and effect.

EcoVoyager Recycled Tree Sailing boat

Introducing the EcoVoyager Recycled Tree Sailing Boat Toy – Sustainably Crafted for Imaginative Play! Inspire young minds while promoting environmental awareness with this EcoVoyager Recycled Tree Sailing Boat. This delightful toy combines the joy of sailing with a commitment to a greener planet, offering endless hours of imaginative play for children while showcasing the importance of recycling and sustainability.

Fruitful Abacus


Our “fruitful abacus” is the ideal educational tool for young learners eager to explore the world of numbers and fruits in a fun and engaging way. This cleverly designed abacus is not just a counting device but a delightful learning experience. It features an array of vibrant and recognizable fruits, including watermelons, oranges, avocados, apples, and kiwis. Each fruit serves as a counting bead, allowing children to not only practice their counting skills but also learn to identify and name these fruits.

Magnifying glass


Our wooden magnifying glass for kids is a wonderful tool to encourage exploration and curiosity about the world around them. It consists of a wooden handle and a magnifying lens. The magnifying glass is child-friendly and easy to hold. The handle is made of wood, providing a comfortable grip for small hands.

Specifications and Recommendations

  • Recommended Age: Suitable for curious minds and budding scientists
  • Material: Wooden handle for a comfortable grip
  • Dimensions: Approx. 17×7.5×1.5cms

Medium Round Table with 2 Stacking Chairs


Looking for children’s furniture that’s both stylish and practical? Look no more! The round table is made of rubberwood and finished with natural oil. The chair is suitable for children up to 4 years old. There are listings of bigger chairs on our site, please search 134069. The set comes flat packed, easy to assemble and maintenance. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber using non-toxic, child safe materials

***Please note: The backrest is made of plywood.

Product Dimensions: Table: 75x75x50 (cm) / Chair: 30x30x60 (cm)

Box Dimensions: Table: 76x76x10 (cm) – 11kgs/ Chairs: 62x41x16 (cm) – 10kgs

Natural Block 20 pcs


Looking for natural blocks that can boost your child creativity and imagination?  Then this beautiful set of unique natural blocks is the perfect choice.  This set includes 20 assorted blocks, finished with plant-based oil. These blocks not only offer endless possibilities in constructions but also free your child’s imagination in play.

Natural Wooden Bridge


A lovely wooden bridge that will accompany any playset perfectly. Manufactured with great care in Vietnam under a fair-trade scheme using sustainably sourced timbers, this product isn’t just great for your children, it’s also great for the environment. It is a lovely addition to any play space. Children can use their imagination to express their thoughts and ideas during their pretend play experiences.

Number Tracing Board


Number Tracing Board – Beautiful tracing board that helps little one learn how to write numbers. This board comes with a wooden stylus. This product is designed for toddlers to have fun with writing. The arrow will help them to make the right moves. The board can also be used as a filling board with color sands or play dough as a fun and exciting way to learn numbers. The product is made out of rubberwood and finished with natural child safe oils.

Peek a Boo Sorting Box

Introducing our newest addition to the Qtoys lineup: the Peek-a-Boo Sorting Box! Designed to delight and challenge young minds, this innovative toy offers a delightful twist on traditional sorting activities. With eight different pieces waiting to be discovered, children are invited to engage their thinking skills and problem-solving abilities as they figure out where each piece belongs.

Road Play Set


This road play set includes roads which are great for imaginative play and is a wonderful choice that can spark creativity and engage children in pretend play scenarios involving vehicles, transportation, and urban environments. This wooden road set is a popular option for road play. This set typically includes wooden pieces with printed road designs that can be connected to form a road system. They are durable, eco-friendly, and provide a tactile play experience.

Solid Timber Table with 2 Standard Chairs


A beautiful set of a table and 2 standard chairs. This item is made from oiled Rubber wood. Standard chairs are suitable for children up to 4 years of age. We have other version of bigger chair that match (Search for 071)

Table and chairs come flat packed.

Product Dimensions: Table: 60x60x50 (cm) / Chair: 31x27x60 (cm)

Box Dimensions: Table: 62x62x10(cm) – 11kgs/ Chairs: 58x32x15 (cm) – 7kgs

Sorting egg cups


Introducing our vibrant Sorting Egg Cups Set of 6 – a burst of colors and educational fun just in time for the Easter season! This set features six beautifully coloured egg cups, designed not only to visually delight but also to serve as fantastic tools for engaging color sorting experiences. Each cup holds a delightful surprise – tiny eggs in matching colours, adding an extra layer of excitement to the sorting activity. Ideal for Easter egg hunts, these charming eggs elevate the festivities while providing an entertaining way to reinforce colour recognition skills. Make this Easter a memorable learning adventure with our sorting egg cups set – where play seamlessly meets educational exploration in the most delightful way!

Squirrel tray


Introducing the QToys Squirrel Tray – the versatile and charming addition to your daily routine! This exquisitely crafted tray seamlessly combines functionality with a touch of whimsy, making it the perfect companion for both meals and various activities to hold lose parts. Children can also use this plate to add to their home corner for imaginative play.

Standard Rubberwood Table


A beautiful table made of rubber wood with an oiled finish. There are chairs that match in other listing. Table comes flat packed. All Qtoys products are made using plantation timber, child safe materials.

Product Dimensions: 60x60x50(cm)

Box Dimensions: 62x62x10 (cm) – 11kgs

Two piece math frame


Two piece frame offering children a hands on learning experience with addition and subtraction. This set includes 2 frames and 20 double sided number/images. Using this during play will allow your child to become familiar with addition and subtraction using the images to count out each number.

Includes numbers 1-10 x 2. Frames measure 24cmx7.5cm, numbers measure 5.5cmx5.5cm.

Watermelon Fraction Set

Introducing our QToys watermelon fraction learning kit – a scrumptious blend of education and play! Dive into the world of fractions with this innovative set, designed to make learning a slice of fun. Crafted with precision, our watermelon fraction learning kit features vibrant and lifelike slices, each representing different fractional parts. Watch as your little ones eagerly engage in hands-on exploration, dividing and combining slices to grasp the fundamentals of fractions in a deliciously interactive way.