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Care and maintainence

Care and Maintenance


Our products have been constructed using plantation timbers and may show some natural blemishes in its wood patterns.

Acacia wood is a hard wood with beautiful blended patterns. Our Acacia furniture is slightly stained and oiled to reveal the natural beauty of the wood patterns

Recycled tree branches are used in some items to create natural look furniture. These branches are heat dried, and treated and coated with timber stain and oils.

Rubber wood offers a solid timber look with even, light color. Our Rubber wood furniture is either painted in different colors or oiled using a mixture of natural oil ( Linseed oil) and beeswax. Most of our toys are made of rubber wood. They are either oiled ( using natural oils) or beeswax. The paints we use in our toys are water based, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints. Some of the baby lines are dyed with food grade color dyes, which may intially leak excess color when in contact with moisture)


Our painted furniture is finished with water based paints. Our natural ranges have been coated with a timber stain, and oils.

Remove dust with a dry, lint free, soft cloth. To maintain its appearance, the furniture should be oiled using natural oils such as raw Linseed oils or beeswax on regular basis (after six months or 1 year of use. We recommend 3 or 6 months for outdoor furniture).

If our products are used in a high frequent environments such as a child care Centre, Kindergarten or day care centres, please ensure that they are regularly checked and maintain to ensure the safety for the children. We would recommend checking the chairs every  3 months or so. Screws and bolts should be tightened it they get loose due to movement.

Timber is naturally affected by the elements over time. Temperature and humidity affects the nature expansion and contraction of the timber. To lengthen the product life, avoid exposing the item to excessive heat and/or low humidity environment.


Sometimes paint excess can be found in some of our toys. This means there can be some tint of colors coming out on the first few wipes. These are natural as we use low VOC paint with no lacquer coating for extra safety warranty.

we recommend using damp cloths or just dry cloth to clean the toys before use. regular cleaning is also recommended for hygene purpose.

For any further information about care and maintence, please contact our Customer service team.

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