Qtoys products are made exclusively from plantation and/or recycled timber. Working toward zero waste target, we also explore coconut shells ( by products of coconuts after the water and the juice are consumed) in making beautiful toys.

Plantation rubber trees are tapped for natural latex, and 25% of the world’s latex for rubber is from this region. Old, poor producing trees are cleared to grow young ones. In the past, these trees have been left to decay, creating biological problems. Plantation rubber trees give Qtoys products the natural beauty of wooden patterns, while leaving natural forest unharmed.

Acacia timber is sourced only from plantations. These plantations are critical in re-establishing of forests on degraded sites unsuitable for other agricultural uses. They are also a source of income for many low income farmers.

Coconut trees have a short useful life and are replaced regularly. To date, little use has been found for the timber, which has a beautiful texture. We have developed a “cottage” industry to produce expertly crafted toys, carefully handcrafted by our workers in the Mekong Delta, under our fair trade payment scheme.

Recycled branches of Rubber trees and Acacia trees: these branches are usually used as firewood after the whole trees are cut down. now they are carefully selected and treated to craft into beautiful pieces of play things.

Bamboo: bamboos are famous for its fast growing time and its sustainability.